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Hat Care

NEVER EVER leave your Hat in your Car!!!

Never leave your hat in your car or trunk for any amount of time on a hot day, especially if it is wet. You will bake it, it will shrink and go out of shape, and there's nothing you can do. We've been told so many stories about folks leaving their hat in their car, their car is broken into, nothing is stolen except for their hat!! We don't warranty any items left in the car that have shrunken, dried, or lost their shape.

What to do if your hat doesn't fit...

If your hat feels a bit tight, simply apply a little warm water with a sponge to the inside stitching in the crown and put the hat over your knee, by pulling with both hands from the inside of the hat (not the brim) you will be amazed just how big you will be able to stretch the hat.

If this doesn't work, send the hat back with a note telling us just how much too small it is and we will exchange it...no charge. (You pay shipping to us we will pay the shipping back to you.)

If your hat is too big, remember that with use it will tighten up to one finger's worth (don't worry if it fits just right now, you will be able to stretch it easily with use). Before you send your hat back for a smaller one simply insert the "Hat Sizer" we have included and 99% of the time this will do the trick. In fact, the Sizer will make the hat a lot more comfortable in the long run.

In time most hats will form fit with use and actually fit better, they will tend to tighten a bit in the winter and loosen up a bit in the summer. This is why our "unconstructed" trade name for un-bound inner seam hats fit a lot better than most "Blocked / Formed" hats and can give years of comfort.

For an extra stretch you can ship your hat to us with $25.00 for shipping and handling and we will stretch it for you as well as re-shape, block and clean. (USA ONLY).

What is Form Fitting?

With use your hat will stretch at the front and back where there is pressure and tighten along the sides (ear) where it is loose. In time the hat will MOULD to the exact shape of your head. This is why our "unconstructed" hats are so much more longer wearing and comfortable over BLOCKED hats. Nobody in the world has the same Shaped head - We may all be a size 7 1/4 but I bet those 7 1/4 sized heads are NOT the same shape. A BLOCKED hat can't and won't shape or conform to your particular unique head. Ours will...

How to Care for your Hat

Care of Suede Hats

If your hat has a dull, matt, rough finish it's a suede finished hat no matter if it's made from Pig Skin, Cattle Hide, Buffalo or Kangaroo. During the manufacture of your hat, it was treated with liquid silicone to make it waterproof and stain resistant. You can double this protection by spraying it with Scotch Guard or liquid silicone (which you can purchase at a shoe repair shop). Apply either to your new hat with a damp sponge. You will darken your hat a shade when you add this extra protection, but don't worry you're not damaging it!

Care of Oiled Hats

If your hat has a smooth, or shiney finish it is an Oiled Hat. To protect your hat, purchase a block of natural bees wax from a health food store. Soften the bees wax by putting it in the window for a while and then apply with a damp sponge to the outside of your hat, use only a small amount as it will go a long way. (We don't ever recommend any off-the-shelf leather care product. Why?? Most are petroleum by-products, and who wants to pour petrol (gasoline) on their hat!!)

Care of Akubra / Felt Hats

Store it brim up! In a cool place. Wear it with pride. Once every year or two boil some water on the stove and get some steam up. Steam the outside of the hat and brush it with a soft bristle brush. You can even get some old sourdough bread, break the old dry crumbs into the outside of the hat, steam, and brush away. You'll kill any dust mites that may have moved into your hat and made a home of it...enjoy!!!!

My Mesh Hat Lost its Shape...

Simply get a hair dryer and work the inside of the hat on low heat and you will iron out most of the wrinkles.

How Often Should I Treat My Hat?

You should only need to treat your hat about once a year. If your hat looks dry, then use your instincts. No worries.


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