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The Crusher does what a hat is supposed to do and looks good doing it. Outback style, super lightweight, oiled leather survives packing like no hat we have ever made. Fold it up, beat it up, stuff it in a pocket, head into a storm. This hat bounces back and looks great no matter the abuse. The more you do to it, the more character you give it. Don't Worry, Just Wear It.

  • Double Stitched
  • Reinforced Crown
  • UV Rated
  • Tannery Waterproof
  • Custom hat band
  • Chin strap

The older and more distressed it gets the better you will like it.

Each hat comes with out custom " perfect fit " padded inserts that Velcro inside the hat, not only do they make the size " adjustable " but are washable. Eliminating that " sweat " stain problem. See the sizing chart, when in doubt go up a size and use the thicker insert provided.

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