Dog Vest Waterproof Oilcloth

OutBack Trading

$59.00 $65.00

Keep your Best Mate Warm & Dry

Why shouldn't your best mate be as warm and dry as you? We built a drovers coat in our 12oz MicroWax oilcloth to make them feel like they are part of the team with a few additional extras. One of the pockets is designed to take a small poop scoop, and the other pocket is to take the litter bag. The back vent is designed for those dogs that have overly active tail movement. This little beauty sheds water and wind like its going out of style. If it gets dirty, just hose it down.

Available in Quilted Lined or Un-Lined depending on where you live.

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Waist 12.5 16 20 23.5 26
Length 12 15.5 19 22 25.5