Banksia Tree Salt n Pepper Shaker set with Spice Jar Western Australia

The Walkabout Company

$39.95 $75.00

First described by the botanist Robert Brown in the early 19th century, no separate varieties of Banksia menziesii are recognized. It is found in Western Australia, from the Perth (32° S) region north to the Murchison River (27° S), and generally grows on sandy soils, in scrubland or low woodlandBanksia menziesii provides food for a wide array of invertebrate and vertebrate animals; birds and in particular honeyeaters are prominent visitors. A relatively hardy plant, Banksia menziesii is commonly seen in gardens, nature strips and parks in Australian urban areas with Mediterranean climates, but its sensitivity to dieback from the soil-borne water mould Phytophthora cinnamomi makes it short-lived in places with humid summers, such as Sydney. Banksia menziesii is widely used in the cut flower industry both in Australia and overseas.

  • 4" High ( 2" x 4" at base ) on Salt & pepper Shakers
  • One Salt and One Pepper Shaker
  • One Toothpick / Spice Jar 
  • Unique
  • The shakers are turned out of a Banksia pod  Australia
  • Renewable resource as they fall from from the Banksia tree reached maturity
  • Pods are very woody inside and turn on the lathe just like hardwoods
  • Craft includes sanding to a very fine grit, and finishing with an oil-based urethane