Men's Outdoor Tactical Glove with Carbon fiber tortoise shell

The Walkabout Company

$29.99 $39.80
SKU: 90866-black-m

Hard wearing tactical glove at an affordable price. They can take some time to break in and can be hard to wear at first. The more use the better.
  • Hard Knuckle Tactical gloves are made of Synthetic Leather, Lycra, Polyester
  • The palm and back are reinforced with Synthetic material, which enhances abrasive resistance and ensures a snug and secure fit 
  • The Velcro design at the wrist is adjustable with Velcro strap
  • Provides exceptional dexterity and flexibility when shooting, and for other tasks that require fine motor skills 
  • Top breathable comfort. Anti-slip, quick-drying,