Riding Gloves Oilcloth Waterproof Riding Gloves Outback Gloves. New Stock XS - Small


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Gloves Gauntlet Oilcloth Waterproof Riding Glove. Originally designed for horseback riding, our gloves have also proved handy from motor biking to fencing in the back paddock and everything in between.

hand-for-website.gif To find out your glove size, measure (in cms) around your hand with a tape measure as shown below (just below the knuckles).


Measure is CM ( Centimeters )

XS = 18 SM = 19 Med = 20 Large = 21.5 XL = 23 XXL = 24.5

  • An amazing trick is to buy a can of “duck back Aussie Oiled Wax “we have it online. Take the oil (it’s a paste), spoon out one tablespoon (it goes a long way). Put in a dish. Heat with hair dryer until a liquid. Take a warm damp sponge, Dan the oil over the seams – and heavy use areas of the gloves. Toss the sponge and Gloves into an old thick pillow case. Seal tight with a knot.
  • Toss into the clothes dryer (or use the one at the Coin Op do it yourself Laundry). Leave in for 10 minutes. Put the gloves on after cool to wear. Use often. This seals them for year and makes form fit better if a bit big.

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