Waterproof DuckBack Dressing for Oilcloth Hats, Coats, Gloves and leather as well

OutBack Trading

$10.95 $12.95
SKU: OBT-1999

Make your jacket stay as fresh as the day you bought it by applying Duck Back Dressing to your favorite Oilskin Products. Our special Dressing contains select waxes, mineral oils and vitamin E keeping your jacket waterproof for years to come. 

For working Professionals who labor in the weather for extended periods. Take the Wax, Melt a spoonful into a cup, melt with a hairdryer into a liquid. Heat the seams of your Hat or Jacket or Riding Coats, apply the liquid while hot with a warm damp sponge and dry with hairdryer until dry. Sealed !!

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