Detachable Hood for Aussie Riding Coats. Duster Coat Removable hood


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Made in Australia these Drizabone Detachable hoods can be snapped *onto most Drover, Riding Coats. Made from the same waxed cotton as the coats, the hood is lined with cotton. A slight peak in front provides protection and it can be pulled snugly round the face with a draw string. Color is Brown (Heavyweight). Made in Australia from 100% cotton cloth woven in India and proofed in Australia.

Note * Over the years a number of brands and models have changed there snap position. In the event the snaps do not line up you can simply for a few dollars take the hood to a cobbler and have additional snaps put on.

No refunds or exchange, this is a stock closeout on original Drizabone hoods 100% new and made in Australia. One size fits all.