The Walkabout Company Clothes American Farmers

The Walkabout Company Clothes American Farmers

The Walkabout Company clothes American farmers!

The Walkabout clothing and hat connection has entered the North American farming community with farming attire with an Aussie-African flair to it.  The Walkabout Company introduced a range of comfortable, durable outdoor clothing and attire worn by many of South Africa's and Australia’s top farmers.  This introduction took place at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition in Moultrie GA in October 2017.  Our range of Australian oilskin was a "hit" and as a clothing item is a must for the North American winters.  Our outdoor safari shirts, khakis and shorts work perfectly for the warmer months.  Of course, no self-respecting outdoor farming clothing range would be worth its salt, if it did not include one of Americas oldest and most trusted iconic headwear brands, Stetson.  Visit our website on and see our range of soakable Stetson mesh hats and other American made premium headwear.

The walkabout company also now stock a range of USA made leather hats, Stetson soakable crushable hats, as well as a range of Rugged Outdoor clothing including cargo shorts, safari shirts, khakis and Australian oilskin jackets and hunting vests.     

Find us on to find out more about us.  

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