Walking with Cheetah in South Africa with Zungah Safaris

Walking with Cheetah in South Africa with Zungah Safaris

Bags packed, Walkabout hat, shirts check. Camera, passports, tickets OK lets go !

Cathy, Darren and I, together with a few others, were on a "bucket list" trip back home in South Africa with Chris Bolton of Zungah Safaris. I have known Chris for many years and we were in his farm/ranch -- several thousand Acre's in the Mountains of the Eastern cape -- near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.By the time we made it to the top of the hill I was completely out of breath having just run as fast as I could to keep up with the Cheetah's. As if I had a chance!

The Cheetah's are let out of their large enclosure every three or four days to hunt for their own meals. (The enclosure is a very large fenced in area where they sleep, and are fed between hunts, so its become natural for them to come back "home".) They are not interested in us at all. It's the meal of the day, Impala or a Springbok, that they are after.
We walked behind them at a distance so as not to spoil the chase. When they stopped we stopped; when they sped up we did our best to keep up; and when they finally took off at over sixty miles an hour, it was a full on sprint, there were my rugby legs of old when I needed them most!

I could go on for hours. An amazing day. Email me if you want more information.



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