Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with duck & cream cheese

One way to introduce our friends who enjoy meat but dont like game, is to have them try something fun and tasty that they will love, and open their thinking to trying other wild meats & fish. Just like sushi, try tuna or salmon on a mate before pushing uni ( sea urchin ) on the innocent palete.

Who does not love bacon. Try making these, you can get out of season duck at the store, or hook up with CWA to get some wild waterfowl during hunting season ( October-Jan ).

  Clean and wash the meat in cold water, then soak over night in milk while keeping refrigerated. Cover with saran wrap, or in place of a bowl use  zip lock bag. Best if the meat is covered completely with no contact to air. Take out and dry with a towel, trim of any dried or outer skin, as long as you are left with the best, prime fresh, moist cut.

Alternatively forget the milk and marinate in Italian salad dressing for 4 - 6 hours or overnight.

Add flavor to the meat as you experiment over time by using a lemon peppercorn dry rub,or your favorite spice.

You can substitute  just about any green pepper in place of Jalapeno for those who dont like heat. Clean and remove the end of the pepper and all the seeds. Lots of cold water works great and a small spoon. Save the end piece of the pepper to use as a lid when wrapping it with bacon.

   Cut the meat into small chunks that will fit in the pepper, stuff the pepper with jack cheese, or creme cheese flavored or not to your liking. Try Cajun creme cheese.

Alternate the stuffing, meat, cheese, meat cheese and so on.  Use a thick cut bacon and wrap the pepper with the bacon using wooden toothpicks to hold it in place. I find its better the stick 3-5 toothpicks randomly around the pepper fist then wrap the bacon around tightly, securing the end with the end cut of the pepper.

 Cook on medium to high heat on the BBQ turning occasionally until the bacon is well done. Remove and let cool. Cut horizontally into bite sized discs.









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