Pictures, Images & Photography. The Digital Age

Pictures, Images & Photography. The Digital Age

Photographers back in the day carried all kinds of film in there bag for different uses. I used a trick Dad showed me as a boy, Kodak for Sunsets and warm images ( the box was orange ), Fuji for Ocean shots, or Scenic Forrest tones ( the box was Green ), Agfa for in between ( the box was Red,Orange,Blue) and Ilford for Portraits and great neutral tones ( the box was white ) the color of the box made it easy for those who knew.

Today everybody has a phone with a camera and there must be millions of Images taken every minute of the day. With a little extra effort you can get amazing shots if you stop for just a second and think. Get closer is rule number one, far to many pictures are taken from way back, just one step can make a huge difference.


Use the foreground to add perspective, in other words put something close in the picture, it will give depth and lastly aim down, way to many shots show the sky as 2/3 of the image.


Divide the frame into 3rd s, foreground, middle and background. You will see the difference right away, as in now with digital, not like we did in the day, and hope the shot was " in the can ",as we used to say. Not knowing until we got the film developed.

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